Company Profile


Jiaxing Tianzhihua Textile Co., Ltd. was established in January 2002, is a registered capital of 101.88 million yuan of private textile enterprises, the company is located in China weaving town - Wang Jiangjing, specialized in all kinds of high-grade fabrics and fine woven yarn, Knitting yarn, as well as chemical fiber, fine yarn, needle textiles, silk production, sales and import and export business.

The company well-equipped, advanced testing equipment, with 153 sets of the world's most advanced Japan's Murata vortex spinning machine, Germany Trützschler carding combo group, Uster self-adjusting and finishing equipment and other advanced technology and yarn Line test equipment, with an annual output of various types of high-grade yarn 50,000 tons; also has Japan's Toyota JAT710-230, JAT810-230 air-jet looms a total of 320, of which more than 160 jacquard arms, with an annual output of 30 million kinds of fabrics Meter.

The company specializing in the production of rayon, viscose, polyester, modal, Tencel and other types of vortex spinning pure yarn and blended yarn, weaving cotton fabric, blended fabric, cotton, polyester cotton, nylon cotton fabric, silk, Tencel fabric and elastic model etc..

The company uses first-class raw materials, while establishing a sound quality management system, product quality to achieve the same industry-leading level.

Companies based on the "quality of a brand, to the brand and development" business purposes, with its good reputation and high-quality products to win the trust of many merchants!