Tianzhihua is registered as High-tech Enterprise

In March 2016, the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxation together published <Administrative measures for the determination of high and new technology enterprises> and <The high-tech sectors supported by the State> . it defines the high-tech enterprise restrictly, and encourage the  companies which has R&D ability, and willing to develop new and innovative products in policy.

Jiaxing Tianzhihua Textile Co., Ltd is registered as high-tech enterprise, for all the years, it insists innovation as developing strategy, implements technology and management innovation, and leads the industry upgrade with real economy as basis, new technology as trend, and customer satisfaction as principle. Jiaxing government pays attention on enterprise innovative development, and work hard to encourage it, which makes Tianzhihua more confident to contribute more into the technology upgrade and new product. In the intellectual property aspect, Tianzhihua signed a cooperation contract with Jiangnan University to academic communication and product development in yarn and fabrics. After 2 years cooperation, Tianzhihua has many new product with independent intellectual property rights. In the management aspect, Tianzhihua builds a standard R&D management system including R&D personnel standardization, R&D funding transparency, R&D progress in-time followup, and independent R&D project report.

This year is the 40th year of Chinese economy reform, as well as the important time for Chinese companies to implement the industry upgrade. With the complicated international environment and intense domestic competition, Tianzhihua and another Chinese companies will together hold innovation and reform as principle,  to innovate, no forget the beginning, and continue to move forward.