Textile and garment industry collective weakness men's business transformation aimed at "electricity + stores"

Recently, seven wolves disclosed its 2016 annual results Express, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit declined. Experts pointed out that the textile and garment industry is in a downturn, the line of traditional retail has not pick up, online retail growth rate is slowing down, textile and garment exports are still weak, this is the status of textile and garment industry. However, despite the market downturn, garment enterprises are still actively layout of the business business, in order to develop.

Seven wolves 2016 annual results show that during the period to achieve total operating income of 2.635 billion yuan, up 5.99% over the same period last year; total profit of 357 million yuan, up 38.34% over the same period last year. Attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 266 million yuan, down 2.57% over the same period last year.

Read seven wolves nearly three years of earnings is not difficult to find, sustained performance decline has become its normal. Since 2013, seven wolves revenue on the issue of early warning, net profit in 2013 was 379 million yuan, down 32.44%, which is the first time since the listing of the performance decline.

According to the reporter learned that the seven wolves in 2015 announced the adjustment of development strategy, will be "pure industrial" company turned to "industrial + investment" type of company, since its success has been involved in the establishment of seven wolves group finance company, China flatter fashion fund, Xiamen seven is still limited equity investment Companies, etc., intended to build a large fashion consumer ecosphere, but seven wolves announced to enter the field of investment has been a year, has not seen significant results.

In the recently held 2016 Quanzhou Economic Annual Meeting, Quanzhou City Federation of Industry and Commerce Chairman, Fujian seven wolves Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhou Shaoxiong said that as a member of the textile and garment industry, seven wolves by many people think that traditional industries, but now seven wolves have from The traditional garment industry to retail channel services and other aspects, while actively shaping the brand and building their own culture.

"The development of e-commerce makes the traditional way of trading changes, online platform transactions to change people's consumption.Currently seven wolves not only actively use Lynx, Jingdong and other public business platform, is self-built their own brand official mall, To provide consumers with a full range of online consumer experience. "Zhou Shaoxiong said that in recent years, seven wolves to deal with the new situation to determine the development of fashion industry, the development of the spindle. With the integration of the whole economy in the strengthening of cross-border into a new model in the most important part of the steady progress in the seven wolves on the basis of the seven wolves to invest in new business models and formats, established the "industrial + investment "The strategic direction.

In the textile and garment industry collective weakness, men's brand Hailan home is also actively seeking transformation and upgrading.

Recently, the men's brand Hailan home parent company Hailan Group official announcement, Group Chairman Zhou Jianping son Zhou Lichen as Hailan Group Co., Ltd. President, Zhou Jianping is still chairman of the group. It is understood that the addition of Zhou Lichen Hailan home to enhance the efficiency of warehousing logistics, increased the intensity of the Internet advertising, and continue to increase the brand in the field of IP attempts.

At the same time, Ningbo Pacific Bird Fashion Co., Ltd. officially landed the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the largest market value of the largest multi-brand fashion apparel group, is also the first in 2017 landing A-share market, the Chinese apparel brand. According to Taiping Bird's prospectus, Taiping birds operating income for the year of 2013, 2014 and 2015 were $ 3.831 billion, $ 4.99 billion and $ 5.903 billion respectively. The net profit attributable to the parent company was $ 212 million, $ 436 million and $ 535 million. Behind the company's performance growth, Pacific Bird part of the line under the store in a loss state, but it has been increasing the store expansion investment, in the prospectus, a lot of money will be used for electricity business building and store expansion, O2O or will be Pacific Bird future The new trend of sales.

As of the first half of 2016, Taiping birds still use department stores as the main channel, accounting for 36.86% of revenue, the proportion of street shops dropped to 26.43% year on year. Among them, shopping centers and electricity firms grew fastest, with annual compound growth rates of 47.51% and 67.29% in 2013 to 2015, respectively, becoming the core growth source for channel end.