February 28 Textile three raw materials Quotes Morning Post

Cotton (2.27): the spot is relatively stable, wait and see the main, South Korea double 29 hand pick cotton platform delivery price 15900-16000 yuan / ton gross weight, most enterprises to wait for the purchase of waiting to buy the rules.

Polyester staple fiber (2.27): futures PTA trend is acceptable, polyester tape narrow range adjustment, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber mainstream reported 8650-8800 yuan / ton factory, to discuss the transaction low

Viscose staple fiber (2.27): Weekly and early supply of viscose staple fiber is generally stable, some mainstream mid-range manufacturers offer still up to 17,600 yuan / ton, the current offer 17400-17600 yuan / ton, high-end offer 17700 Yuan / ton, due to more than signed orders are still more manufacturers to implement the attitude is still relatively strong, in the end 17400-17500 yuan / ton, high-end 17600-17700 yuan / ton.