China's textile industry is facing many challenges 2017 is a good momentum of development

According to the data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the added value of the textile industry grew by 4.9% from January to December in 2016, and the production operation was generally stable. The fixed assets investment in the textile industry increased by 10.7% Rate of 98.4%, clothing manufacturing industry was 97.7%; but the textile export delivery value fell 0.9%.

Response in the market level, the media recently reported that rising labor, raw materials and energy costs, so that China's past world factory price advantage is no longer obvious, more and more international textile buyers gradually turned to European suppliers.

It is reported that a European garment manufacturer in the choice of wool fabric suppliers, not as in the past as the choice of Chinese manufacturers, and the choice of the Italian manufacturers, which many industry experts as one of the signs of change in the times.

The industry believes that when China's wages are no longer so low, the raw materials shipped to China, then the product shipped back to Europe's attractiveness is no longer past. At the same time, consumers want Western clothing brands to provide a richer product line, the demand for customization is also growing, the supplier is getting better and better.

Although this is only a case, but also shows that China's textile industry in the new international economic situation, or will face more challenges. 2016 textile industry situation is summed up as "to integrate the industrial chain to deal with the cost of the problem, to deal with homogenization of innovation, science and technology to deal with international competition," affecting the development of the industry under the combined effect of multiple factors, the textile industry growth kinetic energy conversion and transformation The upgrade is still poor.

Looking ahead 2017, in the "thirteen five" plan, "textile power" building outline and other macro guidance, the Chinese textile industry will create a "new three board", started "going out" campaign, showing a good momentum of development.

Sun Ruizhe, president of China Textile Industry Association, stressed that the future of China's textile industry needs to coordinate industry and society, industry and environment, industry and consumption of the three relationships; experience through the "thirteen five" period "textile power" Traditional industries to the technology industry, fashion industry, green industry, the three changes; the final build manufacturing sector, fashion industry plate, science and technology industry plate of China's textile industry, "new three board" industrial structure.

On the other hand, 2017 "going out" overall situation is stable for the better. China Textile Industry Federation vice president, China Council for the Promotion of Textile Industry Branch executive vice president Xu Yingxin forecast, China's textile industry "going out" will remain strong momentum. His analysis, positive factors are mainly reflected in three aspects, one is the central economic work conference once again explicitly implement the "one way all the way" strategy has not changed; Second, China's textile industry cross-border layout of the endogenous power and internal needs have not changed; Is the industry actively through the international production capacity of the global productivity distribution and the advantages of resource allocation, and with the domestic industry to upgrade the path of benign interaction has not changed.

"However, some risks need to be particularly vigilant. First, the financing of overseas projects in 2017 may have some difficulties; the second is the 2017 international political risk gathering, uncertainty continues to rise." Xu Yingxin remind.