Production scale of eddy current spinning

Germany Trützschler open cotton production line for each project development, applicable to each specific needs. The company currently produces 108 sets of Japan's Murata vortex spinning machine, the development of the goal of 200 vortex spinning machine, with an annual output of 50,000 tons of yarn. International first-class spinning equipment coupled with skilled technical staff, is the absolute guarantee of product quality, customer satisfaction is the absolute quality. The perfect product from the carefully selected high-quality raw materials, strict inspection system by package and by a certain percentage of the product is consistent with the quality of protection

Tianzhihua Textile conforms to the new market situation, introduces advanced equipment and new spinning technology. It is based on eco-textile raw materials such as viscose, polyester, bamboo fiber, modal, soybean fiber and so on, comprehensively carry out the process and standard of eco- The world to meet the standards of eco-textile high-grade eco-textiles.


Weaving equipment

The company has excellent technical equipment, the company has Japan's Toyota JAT710-230 and JAT810 air-jet looms 320, Japan's imports Tsudakoma TTJ sizing machine, GA308 sizing machine, high-speed batch warping machine and various ancillary equipment, with an annual output Anti-cotton, imitation silk fabric 30 million meters.